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Aktonit LLC was founded with a mission to improve health, wellness and sustainability in the places we live, work and learn. We partner with business across the United States on the journey to healthy, net-carbon zero buildings.

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As part of its innovative product and service offerings, Aktonit is pioneering continuous disinfection, anti-microbial LED lighting, which also is energy efficient. The company’s partner in this space, Vyv, Inc., has proven that its lights can deactivate bacteria, fungi, yeast, mildew and viruses, including both the flu and COVID-19. Aktonit is actively arranging for the installation of Vyv’s lighting in school environments, delivering 24/7/365 protection — with tests showing a 99.6% reduction in bioburden. Lighting is approved for unlimited exposure to humans, pets and plants.

Learn more about how Aktonit and Vyv create cleaner spaces for education. Download the brochure.